13@rts dt member April challenge inspiration.

Hello everyone,

and welcome April,
wishing you my dear blog readers a healthy month filled with love and hope.

My first april post started with my dt member inspiration for 13arts.

This page is actually created by looking at the beautiful transparency of 13arts. Do you sometimes have that too? You take a  product in your hand and immediately you will think about what you want to make with the product. This was a moment I actually wanted to start with my creative ideas right away, and happily I... I had to create a layout anyway...

Here is my result which began with a transparency....


I used for this page:

Paper sheet: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Papier-Birds-and-flowers/4020
Transparency: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Folia-Transparency-WREATHS/4253
Chipboard: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Tekturka-Chipboard-set-Unforgettable/4252
Words: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Speaking-of-which-cardstock-30x30cm-eco/3991
Flower: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Roze-4-szt.-biale/74
Stencil: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Maska-Stencil-Dandelions/2906
Clear gesso: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Gesso-Clear-grunt-akrylowy-500-ml/1954
White gesso: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Gesso-biale-grunt-akrylowy-500-ml/1950
Black gesso: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Gesso-czarne-grunt-akrylowy-500-ml-/1951
Multigel medium: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/MULTIPURPOSE-MEDIUM-500ml/2091
Modeling paste: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Pasta-modelujaca-120ml/619
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Mgielka-kredowa-Chalk-Sap-Green/243 Green spray
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Mgielka-perlowa-Brown-Light/270 Light brown
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Mgielka-perlowa-Olive-Green/28 Olive green
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Tusz-akrylowy-SPLASH-Crystal-Green/2864 Green glitter Ink
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Tusz-akrylowy-SPLASH-Glitter-Black/2060 Black Ink
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/COLOR-GLOW-Tiger-Eye/4290 Color glow
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Watercolor-set-16-pans-akwarele-zestaw/3179 Watercolorset
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Ayeeda-Paint-VIVID-Green/461 green paint.

I hope you feel a little bit inspired to create with the beautiful products from 13@rts.

Have a lovely month.


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