Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Speciale blog post "Sunrise" new paper collection of 13arts

 Hello everyone,

and welcome to the special blog post for the comapny 13@rts.

Today it is all about the beautiful paper collection "Sunrise".

What can I say, this paper collection speaks to me.

I love everthing about it. I used a photo from the model Tony Thorburg.

He is an American model of Japanese and Swedish heritage.

Hello awesome...

I used from 13arts:

Paper set 12x12 inch: SUNRISE

Paper set 6x6 inch: SUNRISE

Paper set A6: SUNRISE

Paper sheet 12x12 inch: /Papier-In-the-wind




Cardstock: Speaking-of-which-words












3D-Small balls



13arts brush round watercolor

Thank you so much for your visit.

Have a beautiful day. 



Scrap Fx inspiration, #2


and welcome to my second blog post for the company Scrap Fx Australia.

I created this time a scrapbook layout in mixed media style with a photo of my daughter Mia years ago.

Therefore I used the beautiful stencil: 

Words of Wisdom stencil

one of my favorite stamps:

transparency as embellishments:
and the decorative chipboard:
Here is the link to the store from Scrap Fx: http://www.scrapfx.com.au/store/

Art is anything...

a closer look:

For this page I used the color combination orange, pink and blue with black and white.

What I love about the transparency from Scrap Fx: they are perfect as embellishments

and finishing touch.

Chipboards are a beautiful way to add 3D effects on the page.

I always paint my chiĆ¼board with black gesso first before I add my main color or 

embossing powder. The black paint/ gesso gives more depth and enhances the 3D effect.

For my background paper I used the new paper collection  of 13@rts.

I hope you feel a little bit inspired to create with the beautiful products of Scrap Fx.

Have a beautiful day.

xoxo Heike

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Special blog post for 13@rts "End of summer" paper collection

 Hello everyone, 

and welcome to the second special blog post for the company 13@rts.

Today it is all about the beautiful new paper collection "End of Summer"

I created a scrapbook page in mixed media style.

"Summer will end

soon enough, and

childhood as well"

(George R.R: Martin)

This quote was my inspiration.


I used from 13@rts:

Paper pack: END-OF-SUMMER-12x12

Paper sheet: Summer-breeze-END-OF-SUMMER

Paper sheet for fuzzy cutting: Summer-breeze-END-OF-SUMMER

Paper set 6x6 inch: END-OF-SUMMER

Embellishments: END-OF-SUMMER-Ephemera-pack

Stickers: Stickers-A4-END-OF-SUMMER

Transparency: -END-OF-SUMMER


Stencil: Summer-Flowers












Thank you so much for your visit.

Have a beautiful day. 



Saturday, September 19, 2020

Special blog post "Bella" paper collection 13@rts

 Hello everyone,

and welcome to the special blog post for the company 13@rts.

Aida the owner of 13@rts designed four new paper collections.

Today it is all the beautiful Italian style paper collection called "BELLA".

I created a scrapbook page in mixed media style with a photo of Sophia Loren.


 I used from 13@rts:

 Paper: BELLA-12x12/ paper set

 Bella paper: pad-6x6-BELLA

 Embellishments:  BELLA-Ephemera-pack

 Chipboard: BELLA


 Stamp: A7-Bella

 Stencil: Vintage-door

 Stickers: Stickers-A4-BELLA







Glitter red /pink: 13arts

Ink: ARCHIVAL-Jet-Black

Thank you so much for your visit.

Have a beautiful day.



Scrap Fx inspiration, #1

 Hello everyone,

and welcome to my first blog post in the month of September.

I created for you two art journal pages on watercolor paper.

I like to use the same photo but different color combination and products. 

What color and tools can do with the same photo  is amazing.

Mr. Fox is just fabulous...

I used from Scrap Fx:

Art Words transparency

Diamonds stencil

Here is the link to the store from scrap Fx: http://www.scrapfx.com.au/store/

I also used:  
Old Holland acrylic paint,
Faber Castell polychromic pen,
13@rts Gesso,
13@rts watercolor,
13@rts wordsticker,
Maremi SmallArt flower,
DIN4 watercolor paper.
and a photo from pixabay.

I hope you like my inspiration.
See you for my second blog post in September.
Until then.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Singel design team blog post September 2020 for 13arts

 Hello 13@rts fans,

you know already the new paper collection from 13@rts is now worldwide available.

I have chosen for my inspiration the wonderful "Sunrise" paper collection and a photo

from my beautiful husband.

The photo is a little bit overexposed because I took it with the mobile phone.

But anyway...

I choose for my title one of the cardstock words from 13@rts which I colored

with pastel grey spray.


He is my Mr. Right, even after so many years he can turn my world upside down.

I still have butterflies when I see him and I wish nothing more than to have time

on this earth with him for as long as possible.

a closer look...

I used for my background the beautiful butterfly stencil. 
First I mixed gel medium with color glow and I added this mix to the stencil.
I sprinkled embossing powder on the wet mixture. After that I melted the embossing powder with the heat tool.
Then I added multipurpose medium with the brush insite the wings from the butterfly stencil image.
After that I sprinkled light blue colored grit in the wet paste. I let the whole thing dry overnight.
The next day I added glitter ink, gold mist and another color glow color to my stencil image.
I really love the texture. I repeated the steps with the little butterfly stencil image on my background.

I used from 13@rts:

Paper set 12 x 12 inch: SUNRISE

Paper 6x6 inch: Paper-pad-6x6-SUNRISE

Paper A6: /Paper-pad-A6-SUNRISE

Paper sheet: Papier-At-dawn-SUNRISE/

Paper sheet fuzzy cuting: /Papier-Daylight-SUNRISE

Paper sheet DIE cut: Papier-Dear-diary-Rosalie

Art paper book: 8x8-Paper-pad

Embellishments: SUNRISE-Ephemera-pack

Transpaprency: Folia-Transparency-SUNRISE

Stamp: Stempel-A7-SUNRISE

Stencil: Sunrise-butterflies

Paper clip: clip-set








Gold pearl mist






3D-Small balls


Silicon brush-50mm-

3D-glue tape

I would like to thank you for stopping by today on my blog post.

If you have questions about my post or the products,

please feel free to ask in the comment box below.

I would also like to point out that 13@rts has an open Facebook group

where you can show your projects.

Here is the link: facebook.

Have a beautiful day. 



Wednesday, September 2, 2020

More than words September Main challenge

 Hello everyone 

and welcome to our new September main challenge on the blog from More than words.

Here is the link: 


My inspiration for you is a layout created on 13@rts paper where I glued a "BOOK PAPER" collage. My book pages come from a book that belonged to my mother. I also put book pages behind the photo of my mother. BOOKS did not play a major role in my parent's world, in contrast to myself... I read one or two books a week. I recently became the proud owner of an e-book reader. I am interested in many genres: crime stories, fantasy, women or historical novels. I am currently reading the series of the seven sisters of Lucianda Riley. When I read a book I need silence and then I dive into the world of the book. I don`t hear anything anymore. Often it happens that my husband has to call me several times before I notice that he has spoken to me... Yeah I am a real "book-worm".

Here are our amazing sponsors for the September challenge.

Can`t wait to see your entry.

Have a beautiful day.



Tuesday, September 1, 2020

September challenge 13arts dt inspiration

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our new challenge on the blog from 13arts.

The September challenge has a beautiful mood board to create with.
Lovely sunset of sunrise colors.

is the title from my scrapbook layout in mixed media style.

closer look.

I painted my transparency flowers with Alcohol Ink.
Some handstiching with pearls and black-threat.

I used from 13arts:
Paper sheet: Around-the-globe
Paper 6x6inch: TRAVEL-THE-WORLD
Transparency: -DOILIES
Chipboard: Travel-the-world
Word stickers: Travel-the-world-ENG
Embellishments paper: Ephemera-pack-In-bloom
Gesso clear: Gesso-Clear
Gesso black: Gesso
Gel-medium: Gel-medium-
Acrylic medium: Liquid-Acrylic-Medium
Color glow:Ruby
Color glow: Amber
Alcohol Ink: Flamingo
Alcohol Ink: Dijon
Watercolor: Watercolor-set
Brush silicon: Pedzel-silikonowy-25mm

Thank you so much for your visit.
For more infor mation about the challenge her is the link: 13artspl.blogspot

Have a beautiful day.
xoxo Heike

February challenge 13arts

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