Tuesday, March 31, 2020

13@rts dt member inspiration with the new paper collection "Unforgettebale"

Hello everyone,

and welcome to my blogpost today.

while I write this blog post the second week of corona stay at home quarantine still begins. Luckily we have a quite large garden where I am staying to get fresh air. I know that many do not have this possibility: my thoughts go to these families. I hope that we will come out of this situation well together. All my prayers go to the people who have lost family members.

There's been so much happening in the last couple of weeks that it feels like I've been in the design team of 13@rts for months. In reality, however, it is only a month.

I would like to introduce you today to the new paper collection "Unforgettable", designed by Aida the owner of 13@rts.

Here is the link to the paper pad 12x12inch "Unforgettable"


As you can see, this series has gorgeous shades in black, red and white.

Here is my layout with a photo of my son Joshua.

A closer look...

A short description about my page:

1.  I added a layer of clear gesso.
2.  I colored the flowers with red watercolorpaint.
3.  I added a layer of crackle glaze on the flowers.
4.  I added splatters with red and black watercolors.
5.  I painted the chipboard with black gesso, red acrylic and gold glitter.
6.  I painted some chipboard words with red watercolor.
7.  I mounted the chipboard words on black cardstock.
8.  I painted sisal with black gesso.
9.  I added black Archival ink to the stencil around my focale point.
10. I glued everything on my background paper.
11. Final touch gold glitter.

I used from 13@rts:
Paper collection: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Zestaw-papierow-UNFORGETTABLE-12x12-/4235
Paper sheet: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Papier-Poppy-fields-Unforgettable/4238
Ephemera:  http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Unforgettable-Ephemera-pack/4244
Chipboard words: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Cardstock-elements-Listy-do-Rosalie-12x12-white-PL/4211
Chipbards: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Tekturka-Chipboard-set-Unforgettable/4252
Stencil: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Maska-Stencil-Dandelions/2906
Clear gesso: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Gesso-Clear-grunt-akrylowy-500-ml/1954
Black gesso: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Gesso-czarne-grunt-akrylowy-500-ml-/1951
Multipurpose gel medium: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/MULTIPURPOSE-MEDIUM-500ml/2091
Watercolor set: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Watercolor-set-16-pans-akwarele-zestaw/3179
Splash Ink black: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Tusz-wodny-Black-Graphite/43
Gold glitter: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Ayeeda-Paint-Gold-Glitter/384
Other product:
Crackle glaze: http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Clear-Crackle-Glaze/1917

I hope you like my dt member inspiration.
Thank you so much for your visit.
Have a beautiful day.
xoxo Heike

Monday, March 30, 2020

13@rts dt member inspiration with the new paper collection "Travel the world"

Hello lovely blog reader,

todays blog post is all about the new paper collection called "Travel the world"

from 13@rts designed by Aida.

One of my passions is to go to museums. I love to deal with art, to be inspired. The photos on my layout were taken during our city trip to Bilbao in Spain. They have a Guggenheim museum there, which showed a great exhibition.

Beautiful memories..

A closer look of my layout. Behind my photo is a little pice of paper from the A6 paper pad Travel the world, which I embossed. I stamped on the brown 6x6inch paper with the stamps, simplicity and travelmap. On my photo are the letters TRIP from the chipboard sheet Travel the world, which I painted with black gesso.

I used the same stamps for my background which I used for the paper behind my photo.
The white flowers from 13@rts are painted with Ayeeda Mist. I painted my paper camera with color glow tourmaline and the chipboard is painted with black gesso.

On the next photo you can see pieces of the travel the world ephemera collection.

And again pieces of the ephemera and chipboard also of the travel the world collection.

I have a TIP for you.
I use the color glow to highlight my embossed paper.
1. add emboss it dabber or versamark ink to the paper.
2. dry brush color glow over the paper.
3. let it air dry.

I hope I was able enough to inspire you to create with the beautiful products of 13@rts.

Here is the link to 13@rts: http://13arts.pl/

I used from13@rts:

Paper 12inch x 12inch. http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Zestaw-papierow-TRAVEL-THE-WORLD-12x12/4213
Paper sheet.                   http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Papier-Around-the-globe-Travel-the-world-/4216
Paper pad A6.                http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Paper-pad-A6-TRAVEL-THE-WORLD/4221
Paper 6inch x 6inch.      http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Paper-pad-6x6-TRAVEL-THE-WORLD/4214
Transparency sheet.       http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Folia-Transparency-FLYING/4232
Chipboard.                     http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Tekturka-Chipboard-set-Travel-the-world/4230
Words.                            http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Speaking-of-which-cardstock-30x30cm-eco/3991
Ephemera                       http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Travel-the-world-Ephemera-pack/4222
Stamp travelmap            http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Stempel-A6-Travel-map/4223
Stamp simplicity            http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Stempel-Simplicity-A6/3969
Stencil                            http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Maska-Stencil-The-map/4226
Color glow.                   http://13arts.pl/pl/p/COLOR-GLOW-Tourmaline/4289
Spray mist.                    http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Mgielka-kredowa-Chalk-Blue-Light/225
Spray mist.                    http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Mgielka-perlowa-Yellow/26
Ink splash                      http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Tusz-akrylowy-SPLASH-Black/593
Gesso clear                    http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Gesso-Clear-grunt-akrylowy-500-ml/1954
Gesso black                   http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Gesso-czarne-grunt-akrylowy-500-ml-/1951
Acrylic medium            http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Medium-akrylowe-ciekle-Liquid-Acrylic-Medium/387
Multipopose                  http://13arts.pl/pl/p/MULTIPURPOSE-MEDIUM-500ml/2091
Rainbow                        http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Rainbow-Color-Duo-Yellow-Amber/1694
Tools                             http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Pedzel-silikonowy-50mm-/3385
Flowers                         http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Kwiaty-susz.-SHOLA-POTEA-5cm-12-szt./3903

Thank you so much for your visit today.
Have a beautiful day.
Until then.


Sunday, March 29, 2020

ScrapFx Australia dt member inspiration March #2

Hello lovely crafters,

I have for you two layouts with the beautiful SCHOOL theme release.

Today the second stay at home week begins for many of us. I have put myself in quarantine.

It's interesting ... I have time lots of time for getting creative...actually a dream for me as crafter...

But with all the news about the corona virus it is hard to come in a good mood..


Here are my two SCHOOL layouts...

Unfortunately it is not possible to show more photos. My computer is not cooperating today ...

I used from ScrapFx:

Numbers ricepaper
School Days ricepaper

Typeface ricepaper
School transparency

Alphabet frame
Kinder Photos chipboard title
Kangaroo Paw Stem chipboard
Alphabet Jumble BLACK

I also used lots of products from 13@rts
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Gesso-Clear-grunt-akrylowy-500-ml/1954 Clear Gesso
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Ayeeda-Paint-VIVID-Green/461 green paint
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/COLOR-GLOW-Iolite/4294 color glow
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Papier-In-my-heart/3949 paper for the first page
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Zestaw-papierow-UNDER-THE-STARS/3944 paper for the second page.

Please my dear blog reader,
use this link for order or information about the products from ScrapFx:

Stay safe my dear blog reader.
Until next time.

Friday, March 27, 2020

13@rts dt member inspiration with the new paper collection "ROSALIE"

Hello everyone,

todays post is all about the beautiful new paper collection "Rosalie"

designed by the 13@rts owner Aida.

Rosalie is such a romantic feminine paper collection.

But I think that every man can easily tolerate a bit romantic, right?

That is the reason why I create a scrabook page with one of my favorite actors,

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes.

Here is my scrapbook layout...

And here is a closer look...

A short description of my background.

I started on the Rosalie paper sheet called Vintage Rosefield and 13@rts clear gesso.
After that I added a mix of 13@rts white gesso and water to my background page.
My next step was a collage with the Rosalie paper sheet called Diar Diary and 13@rts gel medium.
a little bit stamp work with the 13@rts stamp vintage letter.
After that I added a mix of 13@rts 3D mica flakes, black flower glitter and gel medium randomly to my page. The chipboards are colored with a mix from 13@rts paint matte turquoise and rainbow color navy blue. After my 3 D mix was dried I added randomly 13@rts paint matte turquoise with help from the palette-knife. My next step... yah black color and black embossing powder randomly over the wet paint. After everthing was dried I glued my chipboards and photos and leafs to my background paper. By the way my leafs are painted with 13@rts mist cinnamon and 13@rts color glow golden calcite. Finishing touch 13@rts sticker and red color.

Here is the link to 13@rts: http://13arts.pl/

I used from 13@rts:

-ROSALIE 12 x 12 inch paper collection
-ROSALIE 6x6 inch paper pad
-Victoriana- sticker
-Pastel-Cinnamon Ayeeda mist
-Black-Graphite Ink
/Mikro beads
Ayeeda-Paint- in the color turquoise
/Stempel Vintage-letter

I also used a photo from google photo images.

This was my inspiration for today.
Have a beautiful day.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

13@rts dt member inspiration with the new paper collection "Victoriana"

Hello lovely blogreader,

todays post is about the new paper collection from 13@rts called "Victoriana"

This is the paper sheet which I used. That is a really beautiful paper collection designed by

Aida, the owner of 13@rts.

Here is the link to the paper collection: VICTORIANA-12x12

On the baroque paper sheet is a text written by Immanuel Kant, he was a German philosopher

of the enlightenment. I. Kant is one of the most important representatives of Western philosophy.

His work "Critique of Pure Reason" marks a turning point in the history of philosophy

and the beginning of modern philosophy.

The letters are still written in the old German script.

For my layout I decided to use a photo of Queen Victoria.

The original portrait is painted by Franz Xaver Winterhalter, he

was the court painter of Queen Victoria in the year of 1841.

Let´s start with my dt member layout.

Lovely chipboard frame from 13@rts -Chipboard-Victoriana painted with 13@rts COLOR-GLOW-Amber and for the  finishing touch of 13@rts SPLASH-Glitter-Old-Gold.

I used for my embellishments the 13@rts Victoriana-Ephemera-pack and 13@rts Paper-pad-6x6-VICTORIANA.

A small description of my background:
First I started with a layer of 13@rts Gesso-Clear
After that I mixed 13@rts COLOR-GLOW-Amber and 13@rts Liquid-Acrylic-Medium
together and then I added the mix on my page with help from an old rubber stamp.
My next step was stamping with the new 13@rts Baroque and 13@rts Wreath stamps.
After that I added on the 13@rts Stencil-Victorian-frame the mix 13@rts modeling Pasta with 13@rts
Chalk-Woodbine and 13@rts /Rainbow-Color-Scarlet. Then black acrylic color with a palette-knife.

I used from 13@rts:

http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Zestaw-papierow-VICTORIANA-12x12-/4256 Victoriana paper 12x12 inch
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Paper-pad-6x6-VICTORIANA-/4257 Victoriana paper pad 6x6 inch
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Stempel-A7-Baroque/4265 stampset
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Tekturka-Chipboard-set-12x12-Victoriana/4264 chipboard
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Victoriana-Ephemera-pack/4267 embellishments
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Maska-Stencil-Victorian-frame/4273 stencil
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Stempel-A7-Wreath/4246 stampset
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/MULTIPURPOSE-MEDIUM-500ml/2091 multipurpose medium
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Gesso-Clear-grunt-akrylowy-500-ml/1954 clear gesso
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Pasta-modelujaca-120ml/619 modeling paste
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Tusz-wodny-Black-Graphite/43 black ink
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/COLOR-GLOW-Amber/2963 color glow
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Medium-akrylowe-ciekle-Liquid-Acrylic-Medium/387 acrylic medium
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Tusz-akrylowy-SPLASH-Glitter-Old-Gold/2866 gold glitter
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Mgielka-kredowa-Chalk-Woodbine/856 mist spray

Here is the link to the store: http://13arts.pl/

I hope you feel a little bit inspired to create with the fantastic products of 13@rts.

Thank you so much for your visiting today.
Have a beautiful day.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Scrap Fx dt member blog post March #1

Hello everyone,

How are you doing? I hope you are well.

With the COVID-19 virus all over the world and the sad news in the newspaper, I find it hard to get into the flow to create something creative. But, I did it !!!... once I started, I couldn't stop. I have produced for you two art journal pages with the theme school. Oh, how I love the new products from ScrapFx.... see for yourself what I have done...
and I think you will love the new products, too!!

Class `62...

And my second dt member inspiration.

I worked again in my altered art journal.
For this I used different acrylic colors and products.

Here is the list of ScrapFx products:

School transparency
ABC stamps
Number set stamps
Stitching stamps
Mish Mash stencil
Triangle Pentagons stencil
Numbers ricepaper
School Days ricepaper
Sketchings No. 2 by Michelle Logan
Typeface ricepaper
Writing ricepaper

Here is the Link to the store from ScrapFX:

Many thanks that you have visited my blog post today. Maybe you have the time to look at my second post end of March.
Until then I hope that you will stay healthy and you will implement one or the other inspiration in your art journal.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

13@rts dt member blog post "COLOR GLOW"

Hello my dear blog readers,

todays blog post is all about the wonderful product from 13@rts

more precisely the product "COLOR GLOW"

What is color glow?

Color glow is a pigment powder with a shiny metalic effect.

There are 14 beautiful colors of color glow and there are packed in cute

little jar.

How do I use color glow?

1.you can mix it with water for a shiny watercolor effect, the more you pour from the powder into the water, the more intense the color becomes.
2.you can mix it with white gesso for a pastel calk effect.
3. you can mix it with modeling paste or gel medium.
4. you can mix it with colorless wax.
5. you can mix it with acrylic medium, that is my favorite use of color glow. Why? Now the color glow mix is waterproof.
6. you can add it on versamark ink stamp images.
7. you can mix your own spray with them.
8. you can mix it with Ayeeda paint for more intenes color.

As you can see there are many different ways to apply color glow on your projects.

For my dt member inspiration, I have created a layout with the color glow colors:

Coral Red and Citrine.

I think about you ....
is my scrapbook page with a photo of my little girl Mia-Tomke.
The photo was taken 1999 in California, where we lived for 8 months.

I created my scrapbook page on a sheet of white cardstock.
Which I have impregnated with a layer of clear gesso from 13@rts. Gesso is a primer. The most common colors are white, black and transparent.

 I really love the Transparent Foil from 13@rts for my embellishments. Here I used the Dolies Foil.

 Fuzzy cutting flowers from the paper collection "Unforgettable", the paper is "Dreamy meadows".
To get even more color-intensivity on the fuzzy cutting flowers. I painted a layer on the flowers with a mix of acrylic medium and color glow coral red. After the layer was dry I added a thin layer of crackle glaze.

Lovely embellishment from the ephemera paper collection "Unforgettable"

A sheet from the "Unforgettable" A6 paper pad behind my photo.
Stamp images "the cage" from 13@rts new stamp collection.

On the next photo you can see what it looks like when the color glow is mixed with gel medium.
I used the mix with stencils from 13@rts and I stamped with a acryl medium color glow mix.
I also added splatters with a water color glow mix.

I used from 13@rts:
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Zestaw-papierow-UNFORGETTABLE-12x12-/4235  Unforgettable paper
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Paper-pad-A6-UNFORGETTABLE/4243 Unforgettable A6 paper pad
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Papier-Dreamy-meadows-Unforgettable/4239 Dreamy meadows paper sheet
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Maska-Stencil-Moment-in-time/4248 stencil
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Unforgettable-Ephemera-pack/4244 ephemera embellishment
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Stempel-A6-The-cage/4201 stamp
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Cardstock-elements-Listy-do-Rosalie-12x12-white-PL/4211 words
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Maska-Stencil-Frames/4208 stencil
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Maska-Stencil-PIANO/3965 stencil
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Folia-Transparency-DOILIES/4254 transparency doilies
Mediums from 13@rts:
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/COLOR-GLOW-Coral-Red/4295 COLOR GLOW
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/COLOR-GLOW-Citrine/2962 COLOR GLOW
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/MULTIPURPOSE-MEDIUM-500ml/2091 gel medium
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Medium-akrylowe-ciekle-Liquid-Acrylic-Medium/387 acrylic medium
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Gesso-Clear-grunt-akrylowy-500-ml/1954 clear gesso
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Tusz-akrylowy-SPLASH-Black/593 black ink

I hope you feel a little bit inspired to create with the fantastic "COLOR GLOW" product.

You can get much more information and inspiration about this product from the design team on the blog of 13@rts, here is the link: http://13artspl.blogspot.com/

And here is the link to the store from 13@rts: http://13arts.pl/

The next two images are the color glow which I have used on my layout.


So my dear blog reader, this was my post for today.
Thank you so much for your visit.
Until next time.
Have a beautiful day.

Monday, March 9, 2020

13@rts DT member blog post

Hello everyone,

and welcome to my blog post for the company 13@rts.
Here is the link from13@rts: 13artspl.blogspot.

We all still have the pictures in mind about the fires in Australia. Thousands of people who had to leave their property behind. People who have lost everything through the destruction of fire. But it's not just humans who have felt the power of fire, millions of Australian animals have died. The films that went on social media about the rescue of the koala bears showed that not only we humans are powerless against the destruction of the fire. I had the great luck to see these little cute animals in real life. It is to be hoped that people, nature and animals will recover from this catastrophe.

Travel the world...
 is the title from my layout for 13@rts.

Close up photos.

Short description of my background.
I used a paper sheet from the beautiful Down Under paper collection.
My paper is called Ayers Rock.
First I started with a layer of clear gesso from 13@rts. For adding the clear gesso I used the silicon brush from 13@rts.
My next step was stencil and stamp work with the stamp travelmap and around the globe
and the stencils footsteps and circle of life from13@rts.

After that I added a mix of color glow lolite and acrylic medium with help from the
texture brush to my background.

First I added a thin layer of color glow citrine on the backsite of the transparency sheet. I used Versamark ink as adhesive. I glued the transparency on my background.
A little bit black acrylic for the dramatic effect and drops of black acrylic ink from 13@rts.

For my embellishments, I used the fuzzy cutting paper sheet called "the outback" and chipboards from the Down Under collection.
The chipboards are painted with Lavender Ayeeda paint.
The paper sheet from the A6 Down Under paper pad are painted with color glow citrine.
I used this painted paper behind my photo.

I hope I was able to inspire you a little bit to work with the wonderful products of 13@rts.
Here below I have listed the products which I have used on my layout. Just klick on the link, then you will come directly to the product page of 13@rts.

Maybe you are interested to share your project with us?
So yes, then let your art project be seen on the Facebook page of 13arts.

I used from 13@rts:
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Zestaw-papierow-DOWN-UNDER-12x12/4278 down under 12x12 inch paper
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Tekturka-Chipboard-set-12x12-Down-Under/4285 chipboard
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Maska-Stencil-Circle-of-life/4286 stencil
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Maska-Stencil-Footsteps/4225 stencil
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Paper-pad-A6-DOWN-UNDER/4277 A6 paper pad
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Stempel-A6-Travel-map/4223 stamp
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Stempel-A7-Around-the-globe/4224 stamp
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Folia-Transparency-CARTE-POSTALE-/4203 transparency
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Gesso-Clear-grunt-akrylowy-500-ml/1954 clear gesso
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/COLOR-GLOW-Citrine/2962 color glow
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/COLOR-GLOW-Iolite/4294 color glow
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Medium-akrylowe-ciekle-Liquid-Acrylic-Medium/387 acrylic medium
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Tusz-wodny-Black-Graphite/43 black ink
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Tusz-wodny-Yellow/36 yellow ink
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Pedzel-silikonowy-owal-50mm-/3386 silicon brush
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Pedzel-TEXTURE-Round-20mm/3395 texture brush
http://13arts.pl/pl/p/Cardstock-elements-TRAVELLING-12x12-white-ENG/4233 word cardstock

Thank you so much for your visit and commenting my blogpost today.

Have a beautiful day.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Normadic Soul Diaries paper bag inspiration #2/2020

Dance to the music of your soul..

Hello lovely blog reader,

"If you cannot teach me to fly,
  teach me to sing." Peter Pan   (JM: Barrie)

How did the March quote inspire me?

First of all, our passion for music and dance. Often it happens that my handsome hubby and I spontaneously swing the dance leg and dance together. Just so fun.

But not only the music from the music box, also the piano music played by my husband fills our house. I love it when he plays and I cook. The table is already covered the candles burning and then the sound of the piano music. An evening cannot better end, right?

But now back to my dt member project. I have a paperbag d├ęcorted with stamp images of music. I also used an old music DIE from Tim Holtz and music design washi tape.
As colors I used Distress Ink, Lindys spray and colored embossing powder.
Metall embellishments from the dollar store here in The Netherlands.

My photo image is from: pixabay free photo images.

Dance with me...

For the March IG challenge are fantastic sponsors!
1. @lindysgang $25 voucher for the online store.
2. @theparadisecorner 50Euro mixed media kit.
3. @latiendadelasmanualidades 25Euro voucherfor the online store.
4. @dusty_attic goodie bag.
5. creative_corner 25Euro voucher for the online store.
6. dies_fantasy 25Euro voucher for the online store.
7. @creativeembellishments $25 gift card.

Awesome right!!

Here are the rules for the March challenge on IG.
1. create a new project for the challenge.
2. your project must be an ART JOURNAL or PAPER BAG.
3. Use only the colors from the mood board.(white, black, gold, silver and copper are nutral colors)
4. For the creative challenge you must include the MUSIC ELEMENT.
5. And last but not least tell us how the QUOTE you inspired, or add the quote to your project.
6. follow the March wandering stars.
7. follow the sponsors.
8. follow @addi.mahajan and @nueka_ _
9. use the #NSDmar20 and tag us @nomadicsouldiaries.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'NOMADIC SOUL DIARIES -MARCH- Art Journal Dance to the the music or Paper Bag of your SOUL. MUSIC ELEMENT'

I hope you feel a little bit inspired to create with this amazing IG challenge.

Here is the Link to NSD: https://www.instagram.com/nomadicsouldiaries/

Have a beautiful day.
Until then.
xoxo Heike

"Kindness unlocks doors" canvas for ScrapFx

 Good morning my dear friends, and welcome to my second blog post for the company ScrapFx. Once again I created a canvas for my studio with ...