Thursday, April 30, 2020

13@rts dt member "watercolor" blog post #2

Hello everyone,

welcome to the second special day of "watercolor" from 13@rts.

I created for you as inspiration two layouts on watercolor paper.
The size is 9inch by 12inch.

These pages are super easy and perfect for beginners..
The only thing you need is watercolor paper and high quality watercolor.
A scisssor, brush, gel medium, black and white posca pen, word stickers, punch and DIE cut embellishments, stamp and black Ink, and of course photos.

If you are not yet so familiar with watercolors, here are a few tips: the word "watercolors" says, these are pigments dilutable with water.
(Please be careful that you don't give so many colors above each other. They could quickly turn ugly brown).
2. before you start give a little bit water over your watercolor set.
3. use two water tanks, one for the brush to clean, and the other to dilute paints.
4. use watercolor paper for a beautiful result. (if using design paper, please add on the design paper a layer of clear gesso).

Joshua 2020...

I used from 13@rts
paper: Paper pad 6x6 "" UNFORGETTABLE "
stamp: A7 Vintage letter stamp
stamp: A6 stamp The cage
gel medium: Gel medium - Gel medium 500 ml
black gesso: Gesso black - 500 ml acrylic primer 
watercolors: Watercolor set 16 pans - watercolor set
brush: Watercolor brush round 8 mm
word sticker: A5 Stickers - On the wall tiny text

Here is the link from 13arts:

Thank you so much for your visit.
Have a beautiful day.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

13@rts dt member "watercolor" blog post

Hello everyone,

and welcome to the first 13@rts group post in the month of April.

Our highlight in April is "WATERCOLOR"

Watercolors are pigments with water-soluble binders, which are activated with water.

13@rts has a beautiful watercolor box with 16 colors.
The set includes red, yellow, pink, green, blue, brown and white.

Before I started with the watercolors I always give with the water mister a little bit water on my watercolors. This activates the pigments.

I created a mini book from a A3 paper sheet.
It was not a special watercolor paper. That's why I've attached on each side of my paper two layers of clear gesso.
After that, I glued from the A6 paper pad, "travel the world" randomly thorn paper pieces with gel medium to the A3 paper.
After that I painted some parts of my background with white gesso.
Next I scribbled with a pencil.
Now it was time to apply a bit of color, with watercolor and Ayeeda matte sand paint.
After everything was well dried I stamped randomly.
I glued my photos on the mini book added word stickers and gold glitter and black acrylic as well.
For the finishing touch I scribbled again, but this time with a white posca pen.
My tags are DIE cut transparency tags with a cambric string.

Crazy time...

I used from 13@rts:
paper: Paper pad A6 "TRAVEL THE WORLD"
stamp: A7 stamp Around the globe
word cardstock:  Cardstock elements TRAVELING 12x12 ”white ENG
transparency: Foil - Transparency THE JOURNEY
stencil: Mask-Stencil Footsteps
word stickers: A5 stickers - Travel the world ENG
stamp: A7 Baroque stamp
watercolor: Watercolor set 16 pans - watercolor set
clear gesso: Gesso Clear - 500 ml acrylic primer
white gesso: Gesso white - 500 ml acrylic primer
gel medium: Gel medium - Gel medium 500 ml
gold glitter: Ayeeda Paint - Gold Glitter
brush: Watercolor brush round 8 mm

Here is the link to 13@rts:

I hope you like my dt member project.
Thank you so much for your visit.
See you tomorrow for the second watercolor post for 13@rts.

Scrap Fx dt member blog post #2/4.2020

Hello everyone

and welcome to my second blog post for the company
Scrap Fx Australia.

I created for you as inspiration two mini books and one art journal page.

Let`s start with the art journal page.

I created my art journal page on watercolor paper with the beautiful
collage paper of ScrapFx.
I love using collage paper to design my pages. Collage paper is super easy to use, it can be torn or be cut, depending on whether one prefers frayed edges or sharp edges. I myself prefer to tear the collage paper. As glue I prefer gel medium or UHU adhesive pen. The chipboards are colored with black gesso and a little bit of glitter from 13@rts.
A closer look..

My next inspiration for ScrapFx....

At the moment I like to create mini books with the name zine from one sheet of paper.
I did not invent this type of mini book by myself. Unfortunately, I can not tell you the name
of the creator. The name zine comes from the word magazine. Actually, these small books were made as fan books.  Most of the time the zines were then exchanged with others. The first zines still had fan themes as: Harry Potter, Star Trek etc.
I personally find that these little books are perfect as a gift.

I used for this zine, collage paper, stamps, transparency and
chipboard from ScrapFx and of course a little bit watercolor from 13@rts,
posca pens, gel medium and gesso.

I used from ScrapFx:
collage paper:
Circle Magic ricepaper
Posing Ladies ricepaper
Sketchings No. 2 by Michelle Logan
Time ricepaper
Art Deco Panel stamp
Chevron Border stamp
Chevron Panel stamp
Harlequin Stamp
Leafy Circle Stamp
Pods stamp
Square collage stamps
Scribble Arrow corner
Spirals SMALL
Flower Grass
Art Words transparency
Journal Phrases transparencyPhilosophy Phrases transparency

I hope you feel a little bit inspirated to create with the beautiful products of Scrap Fx?
Here is the link to the store:

Enjoy the day.
Until then.
xoxo Heike

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Nomadic Soul Diaries Card Inspiration #3/2020

Hello Nomadic soul diaries fans...

welcome on my blog post for the April challenge on the IG site of NSD.

This month is the challenge .
1. create a card or ATCs
2. creative challenge are cracks.
3. the inspiration words are: Creative people colour outside the lines.
4. get inspired from the colors of the Mood board, and use at least three colors.
5. post your entry on the IG site of NSD.

The words "creative people color outside the lines" inspired me to create a card with lots of
paper layers from the beautiful paper collection of 13@rts. Which I still painted with
watercolors for more color intensity. I feel also as a creative person with the ability to invent or skillfully redesigning art. In my case redesigning from the 13@rts paper.
For the creative challenge: I added clear crackleglaze on the circles and the title.

Here is the link to the IG site:

Have fun with the challenge.
Stay safe.

Monday, April 20, 2020

13@rts Dt member blog post April 2020

Hello 13@rts friends,

Heike here from Heike`sAugenBlick.

Today I would like to inspire you to make something beautiful with the wonderful products of 


My two youngest children have tried the new photo camera of my son and made a photoshoot. Because they wanted to make me happy and they know how much I appreciate it to get photos of my loved ones. 
They had sunshine, but the wind was cold. Which has not deterred them. If you look at the photo you can also see that they had a lot of fun.

Live your Life...

This time I decided to work on a dark background. The paper collection of "Victoriana" has a wonderful design in black with white writing.

Papier The circle of time - Victoriana

First I started with a layer of Gesso:

I always use the gesso on both sides of my paper. This prevents my paper from rolling up. I give at least two layers of the gesso on my paper. What I really love from the 13@rts gesso is that the consistency of the gesso is absolutley smooth.

A closer look.

I also used from 13@rts:
Stencil: Mask-Stencil Horoscope
Stamp: A6 stamp The cage and Victoriana A6 stamp
Chipboard: Tekturka / Chipboard set 12x12 "Victoriana
Word chipboard: Speaking of which cardstock 30x30cm eco
Liquid acrylic medium - Liquid Acrylic Medium
Gesso white - 500 ml acrylic primer
Gesso black - 500 ml acrylic primer
Pastel mist - Pastel Dirty Pink
Watercolor set 16 pans - watercolor set
Ayeeda Paint - VIVID Violet
SPLASH acrylic ink! Glitter Iridescent White
50mm silicone brush
Also from the 13@rts store:
Clear Crackle Glaze
Tim Holtz A3 glass mat 

Here is the link to the store:

Thank you so much for visiting my blog post today.
Stay safe wherever you are.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

ScrapFx dt member post April #1

Hello everyone,

we now have the third stay at home week behind us while I am writing this post.
I hope you all are well? Now, the weather here in Europe is becoming very springlike.
I think it's going to be hard for a lot of people to stay indoors now, but we can do it together:
for the people who are in the risk group, for the older generation, but also for the people who now give everything to care for our loved ones. For all these people I stay at home.

But now I want to tell you something about my layout. I have made two scrapbook pages with the new collage paper from ScrapFx. Michelle Logan designed the collage paper. As you already know from me, I like to design my scrapbook pages on white background. White and empty areas on my scrapbook design are very important for me. The eye gets more rest and the individual clusters get more attention and just as there are white surfaces on my art, there is also hardly a scrapbook page without my favorite black surfaces.
I created two pages in the same style but with different colors and embellishments and photos.

I made the first layout with a photo of my daughter Mia, in pastel and spring colors. On the second layout I worked with bold colors and a photo of the men's autumn/winter fashion 2018 of Karl Lagerfeld.

I used from Scrap Fx:
collage paper:
Graffiti Peeps WILD by Michelle Logan
Text ricepaper
School Days ricepaper
Radiant Circles
Mandala stamp
Circles & Squares stamp
Grosgrain & Dots stamp
Square collage stamps
Circle border stencil
Triangle Pentagons stencil
Philosophy Phrases transparency
Antiquities transparency
Grungy Arrows SMALL
Grids MINI
Random Numbers
Not Perfect black SMALL

Here is the ScrapFx store link:

I also used:
13@rts watercolor set, gesso in clear and white,
Archival Ink Ranger, Old Holland acrylic, Wow embossing powder,
Tim Holtz word stickers.

I wish you all the best. Until my next blog post at the end of April.


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

More than Words dt member April challenge.

Good morning everyone,

and welcome to my first blog post for the month April.

The new month started with an amazing weather, lots of sunny days.
My garden begins to bloom in the gentle green colors of spring.
I love getting up early to feel the morning dew on my skin.
What could be more beautiful on earth than listening to the birds, the insects humming, with the morning coffee in hand.

For the month of April this is exactly the theme for our April challenge from More than Words.

Here is the link:

The word: EVERYDAY
The creative challenge: BUGS and BIRDS.

Something I do "EVERYDAY" is my Tai-Chi exercises. The slow stretching of the muscles and tendons, the conscious breathing... For me, it is part of a healthy life. For the creative challenge "BUGS and BIRDS" I have decided to stamp lots of bugs on my background.
I created on yupo paper with watercolor an abstract background.
After that I stamped with StazOn Ink lots of BUGS and words on my page.
Black Indian Ink with white strips for my highlight.
A photo of my EVERYDAY activity "TaiChi" as my focale point.
A little bit writing with my Sailor Japan pen and my layout was done.

Helpful tips for the challenge...

We do many things in our EVERYDAY lives that we barely think about. It’s time to get those memories recorded in your art! What is something you do in your everyday life that you would love to look back on and remember later? Or is there something special you do every day that you’ve never thought to create about. Here is your chance! We need to see in your project how our word inspired you. If it isn’t obvious in your work, then please explain it in your post.

The creative challenge is easy – just add some BUGS and/or BIRDS to your project. You can add just one or as many as you like.

                                             More than words has amazing prizes so as:


(as voted by our DT)

$50 USD value prize from KORA PROJECTS


(as voted by our DT, in no particular order)

$25 USD value prize from LINDY'S

                                                     $25 USD value prize from MINTAY 

                                                     $25 USD value prize from SCRAPMATTS
                                      $25 USD value prize from THOMPSON'S CRAFT SUPPLIES



(picked at random from all eligible entries)

$25 USD value prize from 2CRAFTY


(hand picked by our Admin team - two entries not in our Top 5,

but that have that special something that captured our attention)

$25 USD value prize from 49 AND MARKET

I hope you feel a little bit inspired by my dt member inspiration.
Thank you for your visit.
I see you on the blog.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

13@rts dt member April challenge inspiration.

Hello everyone,

and welcome April,
wishing you my dear blog readers a healthy month filled with love and hope.

My first april post started with my dt member inspiration for 13arts.

This page is actually created by looking at the beautiful transparency of 13arts. Do you sometimes have that too? You take a  product in your hand and immediately you will think about what you want to make with the product. This was a moment I actually wanted to start with my creative ideas right away, and happily I... I had to create a layout anyway...

Here is my result which began with a transparency....


I used for this page:

Paper sheet:
Clear gesso:
White gesso:
Black gesso:
Multigel medium:
Modeling paste:
Paint: Green spray Light brown Olive green Green glitter Ink Black Ink Color glow Watercolorset green paint.

I hope you feel a little bit inspired to create with the beautiful products from 13@rts.

Have a lovely month.

"Kindness unlocks doors" canvas for ScrapFx

 Good morning my dear friends, and welcome to my second blog post for the company ScrapFx. Once again I created a canvas for my studio with ...