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Scrap Fx second blog post #2

Hello everyone,  how are you my dear blog reader? Now we are almost at the end of this July month. That means, it's time for my second blog post for the company ScrapFx. I have created a layout in mixed media style and an art journal page. Beautiful things are never perfect... is the title from my art journal page. I created my page of a watercolor-paper sheet in the size of DIN4. I started playing and creating with lots of acrylic colors in the shades of blue, green, yellow and orange. After everything was dry I stamped with the beautiful stamps from ScrapFx and Archival black jet and blue Ink from Ranger. Then I added the white acrylic color stripes and some stencil images. The next step was adding my focal point, the beautiful women transparency images, the leadlight window transpareny and the title also from ScrapFx. Final touch black acrylic Ink drops. My next inspiration for you is a scrapbook page in mixed media style, with a photo from an amusementpark in,Chernobyl, Ukraine

13rts stamp special dt member post#1

Hello everyone,  For the special blog post for the company 13@rts, the July theme is: stamps. I am a stamp-lover and I like to use stamps in my art. For this scrapbook layout I designed my own black and white collage paper with the beautiful stamps from 13@rts.  I started on monochromatic collage paper and black jet Archival ink from Ranger.  The stamp images are randomly added on the collage paper. After the ink was dry, I thorned the collage paper in stripes and I added the collage paper with gel medium to my white background paper. For the colors on my scrapbook page I used the watercolor set from 13@rts. The embellishments are pieces from the ephemera pack unforgettable I used from 13arts:  Victoriana - stamp Baroque -stamp Remember -stamp The-cage -stamp Travel-map -stamp Around-the-globe -stamp Wreath -stamp Vintage-letter -stamp Gesso-Clear Gel-medium Mini-watercolor-set-Travel-the-World Watercolor-set-16 Travel-the-world-ENG Speaking-of-which-cardstock Unforgettable-Ephemera-pa

Scrap Fx Australia blog post: August #1

 Hello everyone, and welcome to my first August blog post inspiration . For us here in Europe, the month of August means holiday time. Time for the family, vacation by the sea and and and... but due to the pandemic, this year the holiday wishes could not be fulfilled as some would have wished. At the request of the government, we stayed at home and complied with the Covid 19 rules. Luckily, there were many Facebook live creative workshop offers that I've been doing. I also bought a pair of online workshops. which I am now following. It's always nice to learn new techniques or to come back to old hobbies. I created for you a scrapbook page on paper from 13arts with stamp and transparency images from ScrapFx . This page is easy and perfect for beginner.. Short description: I added two layers of clear gesso to the paper from 13arts. Then I stamped with different stamps from ScrapFx and Versafine Black Ink.  After that I immediately added WOW embossing powder on the stamp images. T

July Scrap Fx Australia blog post #1

Hello my dear blog reader,  after we had a very warm June here in The Netherlands, the new month started with lots of rain. Had I already mentioned that I love rain? Yes, I belong to the people who prefer the rain. I also always say there is no bad weather when the rain falls. I love the smell of freshly fallen rain, the sound on the roof and the deep green colors of the plants. But anyway... Let`s start with the inspiration for the month of July. First I created a scrapbook page with a photo of my son Joshua and two minimalist art journal pages. I started my scrapbook layout on a dark brown cardstock which I painted with black gesso. After that I added with my palett-knife light blue, yellow and light purple acrylic color to my page. Then I started stamping with the new stamps from Scrapfx. Therefore I used the same colors, also light blue, yellow and light purple.  My way of working is quite simple: I go from black (background) and end up with white or light shade colors. You know al

July 10.2020 blog post for 13@rts

Hello everyone  and welcome to my blog post here on the blog from 13arts. My name is Heike from Heike`s AugenBlick and I am your host for today. For this layout I decided to work with a photo of myself. The photo was taken after my first hairdresser visit after the lockdown. I have the luck that I have been wearing my hair for about eight years now in a short grey haircut. I must say I am a big fan of short hair.  But anyway, I will tell you a little bit about my creative steps: After I chose my paper sheet "This moment" from the paper collection "Travel the world", I added clear gesso to my page. I always work with two layers of clear gesso. The clear gesso ensures that no liquid is absorbed by the paper anymore. A perfect layer between paper and mediums.  Then I decided to add another paper sheet to my background paper, but this time I torned it. This paper became also two layers of clear gesso. I glued my torn paper with gel medium to my background paper. After I