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October ScrapFx #3

 Good morning everyone, and welcome to my blog post for the company ScrapFX Australia. Today is October 17th and it rains non-stop  a perfect day to sit at the desk and write pending blog posts. Here we go... Best day ever... ist the title from my dt member scrapbook layout in mixed media style. I started on a sheet from the Magnolia Dreams paper collection which is from 13@rts. A closer look to my page: I painted the title with light pink watercolour and then I added acrylic glitter ink from 13@rts The blob frames chipboard  is painted with black gesso  and I slattered white gesso on the black chipboards. I used for the diamond stencil images light pink acrylic colour  and for the jgsaw outline stamp image pink glitter embossing powder. Below on the photo  word rings transparency with journey stamp image and round and round stamp image. Bouquet flower silhouette from ScrapFx and a brad from my stuff. Behind the photo a piece from the dots and lines collage paper. I like this piece of

13@rts October Scrapbook Layout #2

 Hello, and welcome to my second design team inspiration for the company 13@rts. What inspires me to create a scrapbook layout.  I took lots of my scrapbook layout inspirations from the things which lay on my desk, or from artist- books.   I created a photo cluster weeks ago for a page in my junk journal book  but at the end I used another photo cluster. So this cluster lay on my desk and that was the start for my layout.  I played around with some papers from 13arts for the best spark that inspires me. I decided I will go with the In Love, Victorian and Travel the world paper collections. These are older ones from 13arts but still available. Mittwoch ... A closer look to my page. For a soft blue pastel shade I used white gesso and color glow together. Lots of the embellishments are from the Travel the world and Bella paper collection. Gel medium is my favorite glue. Here is a photo collage with products which I used on my page. Here I have some links to the products from my dt member

October ScrapFx #2

 Hello  and welcome to another inspiration for the company ScrapFx Australia. This time with a DIN4 art journal page. I started on watercolour paper which is actually my favorite paper to use for art journaling. First I added Distress Oxide direkt on the alpha stencil from ScrapFx. Then I sprayed water on the stencil and I used the stencil the same way as a stamp. After that I stamped with the leaf stamp and Archival Ink in the same shade of lilac. Now it was time for a little bit depth on my page, which I did with a ScrapFx field of flowers stamp image and black embossing powder. I used the stamp sideways. Now it looks more like dots and lines.  Word circle tansparency behind my photo which is from T. Holtz. I painted the heart chipboards with the same Archival Ink first  and then I added acrylic glitter ink from13@rts. 3D art stones and dark lilac pearls are my finale touch. Done.. Stay with me.... Close up. Here is the link to ScrapFx store: ScrapFx store Products which I used on my

October ScrapFx #1

 Hello everyone and welcome to my design team member work for the company ScrapFx Australia. You must allow yourself to feel your life when you`re in it. is my title for this canvas board. This canvas board has been on my creating wishlist for a while now. With the prospect of my new craft room which I hope to get at the beginning of December, I started to make some beautiful wall decoration already. I like this 25cm by 25cm canvas board size.  Perfect for handmade junk journal cover, as gift or in my case a lovely craftroom decoration. The beautiful brown door collage sheet from ScrapFx was perfect for what I had in mind. So I started my project with colouring the board with black gesso from 13@rts and then I let it air dry. With the energy crisis here in Europe I decided to use my heattool less.  I called this my new SLOW-scrapbooking process :) My next step was adding the red colour randomly on the board. After everything was dry I added the circle collage paper on my board. Scribbl

13@rts October Scrapbook Layout #1

 Hello my dear followers, and welcome to my dt member inspiration for the company 13@rts. I created a layout in mixed media style on the Queen of Night paper collection. Here is the link to the Queen of Night paper. Paper 12 by 12 inch pad POWERFUL is the title of my page. A closer look to my page: Before I started with my mediums I always add two layers of clear gesso to my page. I really like the smooth consistency of the clear gesso from 13@rts. After that I added multipurpose gel medium to the  Lamps stencil and the  Land of Roses stencil  and I let it dry very well. In the mean time I fussy cut all my embellishments from the Queen of Night paper collection. For more interest on my page I used  3D effect powders and art stones as decoration. My colour choise this time is a combination between Color Glow Garnet, Color Glow Golden Calcite, Color Glow Amber, Color Glow Citrine and of course black gesso. Here is the link to the Color Glows: Color Glow I like how the Color Glows amber

13@rts October challenge inspiration

 Hello my dear friends, October already, can you believe it.. "T. Guillemets" says... OCTOBER, the true heart of Autumn. The perfect blend of daydream and reality. What a perfect quote for my favorite season, which I hopefully filled with lots of hot chocolate, apple cinammon crumble and vanilla scented candles. Fantastic hours on my craft table and cuddle time with my handsome hubby for our wood fire place. To see how nature is changing outside and the days are getting shorter all of this is one of the most enchanting things of my beloved time of the year. But anyway, lets get to my challenge inspiration for the month of October. This is the 13arts Mood Board. Beautiful Autumn colours from green, orange, yellow, brown and cream. FIND YOUR WAY... Find your way... is the title from my October challenge inspiration. The challenge mood board comes with beautiful Autumn colours. I love the walnut photo in the top right corner from the mood board as my inspiration    I also added