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Live Your Life

 Good morning everyone, how are you today? The last few days, we had wonderful sunny days here in The Netherlands. Perfect for a summer scrapbook layout in mixed media style, right? I played along with Tim Holtz snapshot photos, a couple on a beach. The yellow color on my page stands for the sun and the blue watercolor for the sea. Don`t we all want to live our lives as we please? Since I no longer have obligations as a designer in design teams. I am free for my other hobbies, so as gardening, reading and fitness. I am busy converting my garden entirely to a permakultur garden following the method of Ruth Stout. After three years of a warm and dry summers I can see and feel the climat change in our garden. After that, I would also like to grow more of our own vegetables,  new plant beds had to be created. What a beautiful way to spent the time outside. But anyway there is also the new book of the "Seven Sisters" waiting of me to read it. LIVE YOUR LIFE... I created this layou