Friday, May 18, 2018

Art Journaling YouTube Hop.... Together,,,

Hello and welcome my dear blog readers,

today I want to show you a special blog post.

 I was asked by Keren Tamir if I would like to join in for the

 Art Journaling YouTube Hop  which is organized by her.

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There was no time for me to think about it, I did not want to miss that chance.

That`s why I`m so excited....

But before I will start with my  story behind my art journaling,

I will say THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the sponsors.

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One of this prizes can be yours... by following the rules..

Rules: 1. leave a comment on each video.

           2. Subcribe to each art journaling hop artist channel.

The winner will be chosen randomly from different channels.

Easy right!!!

I will show you a video tutorial where I create a page for my

fariytale, whimsical art journal book in the size 15 cm x 15 cm.

With fashion kids photos from magazines or pinteres.

TIP: open your heart and mind to something new like a new art journal technique.

I have three different art journal books.

One book is  from Ranger and two handmade books. All these books are different.

I use one book for my urban and architecture sketches which I combine with

vintage photos, stamps, watercolor and washi tape. I like to use images, stamps

and drawing elements to communicate my feelings and mood.

TIP: convey all of your emotions in your art jounal. Trust your intuition.

My second art journal is a handmade art journal in the size 24 cm x 32 cm.

I used these pages to test new colors or try to see how new stamps and stencil looks.

For me is this art journal an exercise book....I can mess this up, my journal is for my own

 self-expression and creative development, so there are no wrong pages...

TIPS: to keep colors vibrant, dry between each layers,

 this helps to prevent making colors muddy.

 Using stamps is a great way to add visual interest to your background.

Using highlights (White pen) or shadows (black pen) help make your art journal

page more dimensional.

Be creative with washi tape and tissue paper.

Different paper made a different color result.(watercolor-paper, special stamp paper....)

Never think that you are not good enough to enjoy a creative life...

There is beauty in imperfection...

Let be creative together...

I used for this page: 13@rts clear Gesso, Ranger collage medium, Lindy`s spray,

Finnabair modeling-paste and black gesso, regular white cardstock, Acrylic- medium,

Lindys spry: bells of Irland green, hags bWart Orange, Yellow Rose of Texas, Hi Maintenance

Magenta, LaBlanche Germany stamp, Archival Ink. vivid chartreus and catus flower,

AALL&Create stamp, Carabelle studio stamp, Art Journey stamp, Versafine onyx black ink,

 Archival jet black ink, Hobbyshop stencil 063, Posca pen, Faber big brush pen, Ranger DYS 34223,

Lindy`s embossing powder prima donna purple, WOW embossing powder earthtone olive

and primary sherbert, Ranger emboss it, Stabilo pen, Ecoline nr. 100, Gouache deep gold,

tacky glue, Scrap fx Australia silhouette.

Order of the Artist: Tusia Lech,
                                Tiffany Solorio,
                                Sanda Reynolds
                                Maka Art
                                Heike`s AugenBlick
                                Asia Marquet
                                Keren Tamir
                                Einat Kessler
                                Vicky Papaioannou
                                Jenn Engle
                                DeeDee Catron
                                Athanasia Papantoniou
                                Olga Heldwein

Thank you so much for reading my blog post.
Enjoy the day.
Until next time.


  1. Beautiful work and so glad I found your art journal inspiration!

  2. gorgeous design, colors, and youtube!!

  3. Ohhh darling!!! I love the tutorial so much...These colors and style are always my favorite. You know, I am learning so many things from you sweetie. You makes me crazy with your each creation, I must say, I am growing because of you, your gorgeous work, amazing tips, kind suggestions, so precious support and encouragement means a lot to me. I always love to participate in such event to find more amazing and creative souls all around the world, I found you though last Holiday blog hop and I treasure your friendship so much my friend....The tips you shared just means so much to me...I always love to create with freedom, so you do my sweet buddy. am so happy to see you this wonderful Hop....
    Thanks so much for sharing these amazing things with all of us...You are inspiration for many newbie like me.....
    Stay Blessed, sweetie...
    Lots of love, Hugs and Kisses
    Dr Monika Tripathi Shukla


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