My New Atelier

 Hello everyone,

today I want to show you some photos of my new studio.

Since the end of last year my handsome hubby and I are empthy nest parents

and I got two of our four children bedrooms for my hobby.

How nice it is to be creatively busy between all my treasures and favorite products is just 

indescribably wonderful.

I initially had a different arrangement of the furniture in the first place,

but after a few weeks of creating in my studio I changed a few things.

I set up an additional crafting table by the window and

 I swapped two tables which I already had in my studio.

I`ve also decorate the walls with some Art and I hung up several fairy-lights.

Fairy-lights are so charming and always makes me happy.

My studio...

This is the new (old) table by my window. The table is from the fifties.
my chair is from Ikea. The main colour in my studio is poisen ivory, that is a lovely
green colour. The white kitchen cabinet contains all my sewing products.
On the right side of the table is a Räskog trolley from Ikea with all the things 
which I need at most when I am busy.

In the foreground is an oval table with all my 13arts mediums.

This is my Tim Holtz and DIE cutting cabinet.

This cabinet holds all my stamps.

 This is the place where all the magic begins.

Under the stairs I have a cozy little worksplace and lots of storage space.

I hope you like my little piece of heaven.

For me this room is a long awaited dream that has come true

 so I`m really grateful for what I have.

Thanks for you visit and happy creating my dear follower.

Until then.


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