Thursday, June 24, 2021

Single blog post for the company 13@rts in June

 hello everyone,

and welcome to my single blog post for the company 13@rts.

Here is the link:

Finally the the rainy days are behind us and the warm weather pleases us here in The Netherlands.

My garden like a little bit a green jungle and I spend every free minute in my beautiful garden.

I am also happy I became my first Biontech/Pfizer vaccination and my second I get it in July. 

Our lockdown situation is in phase 2 from the reopening. I hope that is a good sign,

and we became a normal live back. 

But anyway, I have voor you a clp-board mixed media project as inspiration.


A closer look to my project.

A short description about my background.

I started with adding black gesso from 13@rts to the front and back site of my clip-board.

After that I added the rust powder products to the metall clip element of the board.

I let the rust powder work over night for a good rust effect.

The next day I glued paper first to my board and than I added multipurpose gel medium

to a stencil and I let the hole thing air dry.

On the next day I painted the  multipurpose gel medium stencil images with black gesso.

After a quick heat dry I started my color glow color layering over the painted stencil images

 and around the clip-board edges.also.

This is always the most exciting part of my creating process and I take the time for this step.

I used from 13@rts.

As always the base mediums so as Clear Gesso, Black Gesso, Multipurpose Gel Medium 

and Gel Medium.

13@rts mediums:

Color Glows:





3D products:

Thank you so much for your visit.

Happy creating Heike

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