Friday, November 29, 2019

Scrap Fx Australia DT member post

Good morning everyone,

and welcome to my second blog post for the company Scrap Fx Australia.
I created for you as inspiration two art journal pages and one A4 scrapbook layout.
But first I will show you one of my favorite quote from E. Hemingway about Autumn.

"You expected to be sad in the fall. Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees

   and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintery light. But you knew it

   would always be the spring, as you knew the river would flow again after it was frozen."

This quote was my inspiration for my first art journal page.
I love being inspired by a quote or music. It's not just painting in a book for me, it has a deeper meaning. An old dictionary serves as art journal book for me. I am currently working in four different books at the same time. If I have applied a color layer, I put it aside and start with the next book. So I do not need to wait until the layers dried.
Since we had the first frost here, the leaves on the trees have changed from green to a rust red color. So my rust color layer in my art journal stands for the leaves. My colour is burnt sienna from Winsor & Newton, quinacridone red orange from Old Holland. I have sprinkled in the moist acrylic color,  baked texture taos sunset from Seth Apter. After that I heat embossed the baked texture. In the left corner from my art journal page I stamped with Scrap Fx chicken wire stamp over the dark acrylic color. Therefore I used versafine ink and baked texture buzzard from Seth Apter. Around the edges from my art journal page I stamped with the scrible stamp from Scrap Fx. Of course, my favorite stencil of Scrap Fx could not be missing. I applied the acrylic color carbon black from Old Holland. After the paint had dried I gave copper metal foil over it.


I also used: Seth Apter stamp, different acrylic colours from Golden, Old Holland and Winsor&Newton and my favorite white super heavy body Gesso from Liquitex.

For my second art journal page, I was inspired by the psychedelic artist Victor Moscoso, an American artist best known for producing psychedelic rock posters.

Unfortunately, the photo  does not show so well the extreme contrast between the neon colors and the normal acrylic colors.
I used from Scrap Fx lots of stamp and stencil images on my background,
and two qoutes from the Family transparency sheet.

And last but not least my A4 scrapbooking page.

Here I used the chipboard as stencil.

I added liquid masking  from Winsor&Newton to the moon stencil and let it air dry.

After my stencil work with the brick chipboard, I added colors to the brick chipboard.
First Burnt Sienna from Winsor&Newton.

 My second color is azo-orange from Amsterdam.

And then yellow ochre also from Amsterdam.

Remove the frame from the chipboard.

This technique is often used with watercolours. I love the lines created by the drying process. First I started with adding water to my page, then I add Infusion Stains in the color "in the navy" from Paper Artsy.  I cover the whole thing with household foil and let it air dry over night.

After everything has dried, I also remove the liquid masking medium. Then I started with the focal point, by adding stamps and stencil work and little bit Distress ink for the moon.
Then I glued the chipboard on my page and for the finishing touch art stones.

For my embellishments I used the silhouette and family transparency sheet from Scrap Fx.
My photo is an embroider magazin image.
And my word sticker is fromTim Holtz.

If you are interested in the products please go the the link below.
Here is the link to Scrap Fx Australia store:

I used for my dt member inspiration from Scrap Fx:

Scratching & scribble stamp
Scratchings & Scribble stamp

Chicken wire stamp

Chicken Wire Stamp
Flower buds stencil

Flower Buds stencil
Silhouette ladies stencil

Silhouette Ladies stencil
Square stencil
Square Stencil
John and Harry stencil

John & Harry stencil SMALL

Harlequin stamp
Harlequin Stamp
Square collage stamp

Square collage stamps
Art deco panel stamp

Art Deco Panel stamp
Grosgrain & dots stamp

Grosgrain & Dots stamp
Family transparency

Family transparency
Butterflies stencil

Butterflies stencil
Celestial moon stencil

Celestial Moon stencil
Brickwork chipboard


Bunch of flowers silhouette

Bunch of Flowers BLACK

So my dear blog reader that was it from the other side of the ocean.
I hope I was able to inspire you a little bit.
 See you soon.
. Heike

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