Saturday, October 24, 2020

Mixed Media Layout "Beautiful"

Hello my dear reader,

finally my favorite season of the year started, I am so happy.

October,  the start of the fall season.

Alexander Smith`s quote circumscribes the new month perfectly:

"In the entire circle of the year there are no days so delightful as those 

of a fine October".

I really love it when the wood sidewalks are covered with leaves on my morning hike.

The smell of baked apple with marzipan, hot chocolate and pumpkin soup is filling my house.

Soon the shelves will be filled with the first Christmas candy and first Christmas decoration.

So exciting!!!

But anyway, I have for you a scrapbook layout in mixed media style.

I created my page on the new paper collection Bella and Sunrise.

What I really love is to combine different paper collections.

For this page I was also inspired by the October challenge Mood Board.

Please look at the sidebar for the current challenge from 13@rts.


A closer look.

Here is a short description of my background.

I like to create with two strongly competing colors. 

In my case on the page the dark blue paper from the Sunrise paper collection and the 

light gray/ white Bella paper collection.

I torn the Sunrise paper and glued on the Bella paper, after that I added two layers

of clear Gesso.

My idea was that the dark side should get texture and the light side should stay flat.

So I added under the transparency a layer gel medium to one of the new stencils of 13@rts

and I covered the gel medium with two different embossing powders from WOW. 

I let the whole thing dry overnight. 

On the next day, I started with melting the embossing powder

and adding the first color layer. My color choice was burnt sienna chalk spray from 13@rts.

I added it with a plastic pipette, this is my favorite tool for adding spray color.

I applied the spray three times, always drying between the layers, for a wonderful result.

After that I added black gesso, stamp images, big black numbers and scribbeling.

Now my background was done and I started with glueing the transparency and my focale point.

I used from 13@rts:

Bella paper set : BELLA

Bella paper-sheet:  Papier-Pastel-lemons

Sunrise paper set: SUNRISE

Sunrise paper- sheet: Papier-Morning-dew






Speaking-of-which-cardstock-30x30cm title

Cardstock-elements-TRAVELLING-12x12-white-ENG mini words






Spray: Chalk-Burnt-Sienna

Spray: Pastel-Blue

3D- balls-medium

3D- balls-Small






Brush: 4-mm

Siliconbrush: 50mm

Here is the link to the 13@rts store:

I hope I could inspire you a bit with my page.

Thank you so much for your visit and comment.

I really appreciate it !!

Have a beautiful day.

Until then ..



Thursday, October 22, 2020

Special blog post about the new collage paper of 13arts.

 Hello everyone,

this month our special blog post from 13@rts is all about collage / rice paper.

Here is the link to 13@rts:

Each new paper collection (Sunrise, End of summer, Bella and Dreamland) from 13arts comes also with a new collage / rice paper collection.

I love rice/collage paper, so easy to use.

The size is DIN 4.

Bella collagepaper.

Sunrise collagepaper.

Dreamlans collagepaper.

End of summer collagepaper.

Here is the link to the collagepaper: /rice+paper

I created an art journal page with a vintage photo from pixaby free photoimages.

Love vintage...

I used for my art journal page from 13@rts:

13arts Rice-paper-A4-BELLA-ITALIA

13arts BELLA-Ephemera-pack


13arts Transparency-END-OF-SUMMER

13arts Speaking-of-which-cardstock-30x30cm








Mist Brown-Light spray

Mist-Green spray

MistTurquoise-Light spray

Mist Chalk-Burnt-Sienna spray



I used from 13@rts:









Thank you so much for your visit.

Stay safe.

xoxo Heike

Monday, October 19, 2020

Scrap Fx blog post #1

 Hello my dear blog reader,

Heike here from Heike`s AugenBlick and I am your host for today.

With Halloween around the corner, I decided to create a scrapbook page

in mixed media style with the theme "Halloween".

I love everything that has to do with Halloween. The decoration, the creepyness,

the costumes and and and...

It`s just so sad that Halloween doesn`t play a big role here in Europe.

My dream is: I want to spend Halloween in Disney-Land America.

That must be so cool.

How about you, do you like Halloween too? 

But anyway..

Keep calm and create

I started my layout on a paper-sheet from the "Down under" paper collection from 13@rts

which I covered with two layers of clear gesso. After my gesso was dry, I added Archival red ink

to a stencil from ScrapFx. Then I stamped with the same Archival red ink and a stamp from ScrapFx.

Archival ink becomes waterproof after drying the ink with a heat tool. Red liquid paint as teardrop. 

I made my embellishments with Tim Holtz Big DIEs. 

The coffin and my title are from ScrapFx and I painted them both with black gesso.

After that I felt I needed more stamp imges on my background. 

I stamped with versafine ink and I added to the wet ink WOW black embossing powder.

After melting the embossing powder I painted yellow spots to the stamp images 

 and I added black gesso on the edges.

Some orange pen lines and my background was done. 

My next inspiration is an art journal page.

I started my art journal page on a DIN 4 format watercolorpaper.

My first layer was turquise and yellow acrylic paint from Deco Art 

which I added with my brayer. After that I stamped with Archival ink in the same color

palet as my acrylic paint and ScrapFx stamps. My next step was adding stamp images with

 black Archival ink. After adding my focal point I painted yellow highlights and some 

yellow painted chipboards to my page. My title is  the new collage paper from ScrapFx 

which I glued on cardstock for a 3D effect.

I used from ScrapFx:

Art Inspiration rice paper

Circle Patterns transparency

Men in Black  

Microbes stamp

Triangle Pentagons stencil Halloween layout

Circuitry Bits chipboard art journal page

Chronicles of Time chipboard title Halloween layout

Casket, Dracula coffin chipboard Halloween layout

Please, my dear blog reader, use this link for your visit by ScrapFx: 

Stay safe.



Tuesday, October 13, 2020

More than words night and no flower main challenge

 Hello everyone 

and welcome to the new main challenge on the blog from More than Words.

Here is the link to More than Words:

for this challenge I had the perfect paper in my stash. "Under the stars" of 13arts. I wrote the word NIGHT on my background. For the creative challenge NO FLOWERS, well that wasn't that difficult for me, I'm not the big flower user anyway. On the photo my daughter with her best friends. My inspiration explanation: There are two types of people. There are the early risers, the so-called lark birds and there are the late risers, the so-called owls. I belong more to the lark-birds that means that I can see little of the summer night sky because I am mostly asleep. Only in the Autumn months I can see something of the night sky and that's always something very special. I love the clear autumn starry night, it gives me a taste of the festive season before christmas.


our prizes....

I see you on the blog from More than Words.

Stay safe.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

13@rts October challenge inspiration

 Hello everyone

 and welcome to our  October challenge on the blog from 13@rts.


I created for the October challenge a scrapbook layout in mixed media style.

I was inspired from the book photo the photo with the two butterflies and the turquoise leaf

and the gray, black and white girl photo.

I used from 13@rts:

















and I created a second inspiration an art journal page.

I was inspired from the pink roses and the blue photo images.


I used from 13@rts:

Stencil-Abstract-flowers DREAMLAND

Stencil-Antlers DREAMLAND

Stencil-Meditarenian-tropics BELLA





Papier-Ciao-Bella-BELLA fuzzy cutting elements

Papier-Dear-diary-Rosalie fuzzy cutting elements

Speaking-of-which-cardstock-30x30cm title


Gesso-black 500-ml

Spray: Pastel-Pink


I hope you feel a little bit inspired to play with us on our October challenge.

See you on the blog.

Here is the link: 

Have a beautiful day.

xoxo Heike

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Speciale blog post "Sunrise" new paper collection of 13arts

 Hello everyone,

and welcome to the special blog post for the comapny 13@rts.

Today it is all about the beautiful paper collection "Sunrise".

What can I say, this paper collection speaks to me.

I love everthing about it. I used a photo from the model Tony Thorburg.

He is an American model of Japanese and Swedish heritage.

Hello awesome...

I used from 13arts:

Paper set 12x12 inch: SUNRISE

Paper set 6x6 inch: SUNRISE

Paper set A6: SUNRISE

Paper sheet 12x12 inch: /Papier-In-the-wind




Cardstock: Speaking-of-which-words












3D-Small balls



13arts brush round watercolor

Thank you so much for your visit.

Have a beautiful day. 



Scrap Fx inspiration, #2


and welcome to my second blog post for the company Scrap Fx Australia.

I created this time a scrapbook layout in mixed media style with a photo of my daughter Mia years ago.

Therefore I used the beautiful stencil: 

Words of Wisdom stencil

one of my favorite stamps:

transparency as embellishments:
and the decorative chipboard:
Here is the link to the store from Scrap Fx:

Art is anything...

a closer look:

For this page I used the color combination orange, pink and blue with black and white.

What I love about the transparency from Scrap Fx: they are perfect as embellishments

and finishing touch.

Chipboards are a beautiful way to add 3D effects on the page.

I always paint my chiĆ¼board with black gesso first before I add my main color or 

embossing powder. The black paint/ gesso gives more depth and enhances the 3D effect.

For my background paper I used the new paper collection  of 13@rts.

I hope you feel a little bit inspired to create with the beautiful products of Scrap Fx.

Have a beautiful day.

xoxo Heike

Mixed Media Layout "Beautiful"

Hello my dear reader, finally my favorite season of the year started, I am so happy. October,  the start of the fall season. Alexander Smith...