Monday, October 15, 2018

Art Journal pages

Wenn das Laub sich verfärbt, nimmt es der Wind:
Wer nimmt die Liebe, die zu welken beginnt?

Keiner sie mehr dem Froste entführt,
der in den Nächten rauh sie berührt.

Ach , der Morgen findet sie bleich,
irrend am erfrorenen Teich.

Wenn der Herbst verging deckt alles Weh,
nur nicht die Liebe, der stille Schnee...
(David Goldfeld)

Painting: Heike`s AugenBlick


on the blog from Art Journal Journey is the October challenge "creature comforts"

Here is the Link: art-journal-journey.blogspot

I feel inspired by the word "comforts"

For me is creating in my art journal  very personal.

I do not put it down to impress others but set myself apart with my life.

 I want to feel good and comfortable, I want to learn... and grow in my ART.

I love to study Art...the study of different art epochs..

 so as my new passion abstract art....specially geometric abstract art

 To explain it: geometric abstract art is a form of abstract art based on the use of geometric forms,

 the circle, the triangel, the square and the oval , the basic colors red, blue and yellow

 combined with black, white and grey.

The most famous artist in geometric abstraction is Piet Mondrian.

 Image result for piet mondrian

I do not want to make any copies of other art work.

 I will create my own geometric art combined with my stamps and stencils and lots of white spaces.

Take time to be wonderful...

Love Art...

I used for my pages:
Distress Ink and Distress Oxide, Posca pen black and white, Finnabair gesso, 13@rts clear gesso,
Unity stamp company stamps, De stempelwinkel NL stamps, Acrylic big pen, Dylusion stamp,
TCW stencil, Stencil girl stencil,

Thank you so much for your visiting and reading my blog post.

Until next time.


Scrap fx Australia dt post Art Journals

Hello my dear blog reader,

today is my turn to inspire you with my dt member projects.

I created three art journal pages.

For a short time I have completely fallen for art journaling.

That`s because I am currently trying a new style and new techniques,

and the art journal is perfect to try new things and techniques.

In the moment I am fascinated by abstract collage ,

 abstract painting with acrylic or watercolor or geometric shapes.

Here are some artist that I love.
Jane Davies, here is the link: /janedaviesstudios
Etienne Gelinas, here is the link: etiennegelinas
Rafael Araujo, here is the link: rafael-araujo.

I am also interested in the meaning and symbolic of colors and stamp images.

I also love to leave a lot of white space on my page, I think the effect of the white spaces

is impressive and has much more dramatic.

And by the way, the art journal does not need so much space for storage:).

Here are my dt member art journals

 I used for the art journals from Scrap fx:

Ocean transparency

Dream transparency

Round & Round stamp

Radiant Circles stamp

Harlequin Stamp

Journey stamp

Grunge Alphabet stamp silhouettes

Surfer silhouettes

Nautilus Graphic BLACK

Butterflies stencil

Zebra Circles stencil

Flutter Bird stencil

John & Harry stencil LARGE

Mini Roses stencil

Here is the link to Scrap fx Australia:

I also used:
Distress Ink, Distress Oxide, Art Journal Book from Ranger.
Archival Ink from Ranger.
Finnabair black gesso.
Watercolor Schmincke.
Ecoline white Nr.100.
Acrylic color Amsterdam.
LaBlanche stamp.
Paper Artsy stamp.
Unity Stamp Company stamp.
Posca black and white pen.
Wow embossing.
Lindys embossing and spray.

I hope that I could inspire you a little bit to work in an art journal book,

if not here are two more art journal pages, that I have not posted on my blog yet.

I send you greetings from The Netherlands

and maybe you have the mood to drop by for my second post in October for Scrap fx.

Until then.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Art Playground DT member post


and welcome to the new challenge on the blog from Art Playground.

Here is the link: artplaygroundblog

We have this month a beautiful mood-board  in grey and brown shades.

With the challenge theme "the muse"

Image may contain: water

Oh my ...... what a fantastic theme and mood board to play and explain with.

The muses in the history..

The muses are the goddesses of inspiration of literature, science and the art in Greek mythology.

They were daughters of Zeus, king of the gods, and Mnemosyne, titan goddess of memory.

The nine daughters are:

1)  Calliope: epic, poetry.

2) Clio: history.

3) Euterpe: music, song,lyric, poetry.

4) Erato: love poetry.

5) Melpomene: tragedy.

6) Polyhymnia: hymns.

7) Terpsichore: dance.

8) Thalia: comedy.

9) Urania: astronomy.

The most beautiful painting about The Muses is a fresco painting by the artist Raphael

in the Palace of the Vatican in Rome (1509-1511) " The Parnassus" with Apollo.

Image result for the parnassus

What doses the muse...

The muse often inspires the creativity of her creative partners,

for example: her character, her meaning, her personality, her beauty can be the

inspiration for the artist.

Female muses: Grace Kelly- Alfred Hitchcock,

                         Audrey Hepburn- Hubert de Givenchy,

                         Isabella Blow- Alexander McQueen.

                         Emilie Louise Flöge- Gustav Klimt


But there is also...

 the artist who is his own muse. Frida Kahlo:

She said: I am my own muse, the subject I know best...

 The Mexican painter has become a global icon and muse.

The Muse in quotes...

William Shakespeare.

o! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention.

K.D. Lang.

I just really allowed my muse to be my guide and I just go with whatever I`m feeling.

Nikita Gill.

You asked me what you mean to me. My darling, you are my poetry.

But what about the male muses?

my own muse is my husband Jörgen, his incredible knowledge of everything

 impresses and inspires me again and again...

Photo from my muse...

But Jörgen is not the only male muse there is:

Muse: George Dyer- Artist Francis Bacon. (Irish.born British figurative painter)

Muse: Levin Schüking- Artist Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. (was a 19th.century German writer and composer)

Muse: Ted Hughes- Artist Sylvia Plath.(was an American poet, novelist and short story writer)

Muse: Andreas Kronthaler- Artist Vivienne Westwood.(British fashion artist)

Muse: Baptist Giabiconi- Artist Karl Lagerfeld. (German fashion artist)

For the Art Playground challenge I created a page with Distress Ink in my Ranger  art journal book.

I find the harmony on my page between my muse and the colors matches perfectly.

That layout represented my muse and my ART !! I love that ...What do you think?..

Love Letter to my muse....

I used for this art journal page:
Distress Ink and Oxide,
Sandra Hobbyshop stencil,
Loast Coast design stamp,
Viva decor stamp,
De Stempelwinkel NL stamp,
Posca pen,
7 Dots Studio sticker.
Finnabair black Gesso.

I hope I could inspire you a bit.

Maybe you have time and fun to play this month with us.

Until next time.


Monday, October 1, 2018

Art Journal pages, Happy Halloween....

"I would like,

  if I may,

  to take you on a strange journey,"

(no name)


and welcome to my blog....

On the blog from Art Journal Journey is the new challenge online.

Here is the LINK: art-journal-journey.

Linda is the challenge  host for the month October and she

 created such a beautiful art journal page.

Here is the LINK: heartfullyinspired.

I am a big fan of the autumn and winter months...I especially love Halloween

This tradition is slowly approaching here in Europe too.

Hahah and for all housewives and me too .... when do you have an excuse

 not to dust or clean your house..

because it is a part of the Halloween decoration...

But anyway here is what I have created ....

I called my two pages "Hello Pumpkin"

I love to create pages with lots of white spaces..

My favorite color for Halloween is: orange, red, purple and poison green.

Which should not be  missing, is a little bit of horror..

Or a whimsical pumpkin- angel, with swinging skeleton-frogs...

Why not stamp a man`s head on the women`s body..

Everything is allowed in the month of Halloween....

I used:
Tim Holtz Distress Ink for my coloring, T.H. stickers, stamp and paper doll.
Finnabair black Gesso.
Loast Coast Design stamp.
ACabella stamp.
Stemelwinkel NL stamp.
Hobby Shop Sandra stencil.
Posca pen white and black.
Art Journal book from Canson.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog post..

Enjoy your month ..

Until next time.

Scrap The Boys dt- member layout..

Hello October, hello Autumn....

I will start this blog post with a song from Susan Boyle..

Enjoy listening....

One of the most beautiful Autumn songs and a wonderful start in the new month...

A new month with fantastic challenges like the challenge

 on the blog from Scrap The Boys.

Here is the link: scraptheboys.

We invite you to create a layout with this mood board. 

No automatic alt text available.

I love this color and blue...


Like most of the time I created  my layout on white cardstock.

The only color I needed from the mood board was the color "PINK".

I combined the color pink with  pink / orange transparency from ScrapFX.

Actually the transparency comes clear, but I added on the backsite

 Rangers Alcohol Ink for color transparency. This is a beautiful touch. 

The stencil with the cute butterflies is also from ScrapFX  and 

just like that the chipboards I painted with black gesso also come from ScrapFX.

Behind my photo, which is from a nature magazine, is collage paper from Tim Holtz.

My stamp work is done with AALL create stamps and Versafine black Ink.

Finishing touch 7 Dots Studio stickers.

When I saw that photo of the hand with the fishing-accessories,

I was impressed by the dynamic of this photo.

I knew at some point I will use this photo for a layout.

Now is the time...

I hope my layout inspired you !!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog .

Until next time.

More Than Words October challenge dt member layout.


 my dear blog readers and followers,

I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.
(Anne of Green Gables)

My October abstract trees water-color painting..


 and welcome to the new challenge by More than Words.

this month on the blog from More Than Words, the challenge is " Leisure and Splatters"

Image may contain: text and food

Leisure: I love this free time, the time of freedom and peace, holidays, breathing space, time to create,

 time to travel, time for sport and time for family and friends, time to read a book and, and, and...

Splatters: I added for the creative challenge lots of splatters on my background with

 a brush and Lindys spray.

Our Leisure...

How often do we travel to other countries, without really knowing our country 

where we live. Honestly, do you know all the cities in your country? 

Did you visit every city and did the tourist program? Now Jörgen my husband and I

 started this adventure and new leisure years ago. We were positively surprised.

What a BEAUTY our country is. 

This photo is from the city Utrecht here in The Netherlands.

The St. Martin`s Cathedral Utrecht or Dom Church, is a Gothic church from 1580.

It was once the Netherlands largest church, but the nave collapsed in a storm 1674

and has never been rebuilt. Leaving the tower ( photo on the layout) isolated

from the east end. The remains of the St. Martin`s today, are the choir, the transept

and the Dom Tower. The central nave of the Cathedral which collapsed in the storm of 1674

 is now  a square with large trees, the Domplein (nl). Stones in various colors indicate

in the pavement the original outline of the church.

An old postcard photo in black and white pencil drawing. St Martin`s Cathedral.

No name from the artist.

Our leisure activity is also our romantic day without our children.. 

Romantic day....

I took the main photo (layout) on a sunny day. This photo above shows  the right colors.

Violet-purple, orange, and yellow-green.

The photos below in close-up are a little bit too dark and do not show the exact colors, sorry for that.

I used for this page:
white cardstock,
Finnabair black gesso,
TCW stencil,
Tim Holtz stamps,
Loast Coast design stamps,
LaBlanche mini photos,
Ranger Alcohol Ink,
Distress Ink,
Versafine black Ink,
Lindys spray for the splatters, ( creative MTW challenge)
Scrap FX transparency,

For more information and for more inspiration...

or for a look for the amazing October prize- sponsors go to:


My dear blog readers, thank you so much for stopping by

and for your time to read my blog post.... I appreciate that.

Have a beautiful month  and hopefully time for a leisure activity.

Until next time.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Scrap FX dt-member inspiration

Hello and welcome,

I am back from my vacations in France

and before the September will end I have for you my Scrap FX  dt-member post.

Here is the link to the blog: .scrapfx.

Months ago I started with creating a photo book for my son Joshua, using

 the wonderful products from ScrapFX Australia.

Sometimes it makes me sad to see how time has passed so fast.

Today he is 22 years old and studies in Australia at the Bond University near Brisbane/ Gold Coast.

I am so happy for him... and the experience there will make him grow.

I can only give advice to every parent....give wings to your child and let them

 fly where the wind blows them.

I know it hurts to say goodbye... but what you get back as gratitude is worth all pain..

I used from Scrap FX:
  • Waifs transparency
  • Fancy Feather stamps
  • Round & Round stamp
  • Art Nouveau Crescent chipboard
  • Number Set 1 chipboard
  • Girlfriends chipboard (only that word friends)

I also used:
Black gesso, red, green and yellow acrylic, Infusion powder, white posca pen, Tim Holtz stickers,
Archival black ink.

Time ago I was on a scrapbook fair in Germany, where I made contact with many new lovely people.
It always happend that I was asked for a business-card.
That is the reason that I have made these little cards.
Business cards…. 5,5 cm x 8,5 cm
I used from Scrap FX:
  • Mini Roses stencil
  • Julia mini stencil
  • Pauline mini stencil
  • Lace loop stamp
  • dream transparency

I also used:
Infusion powder, black cardstock, black gesso and white posca pen

Enjoy your weekend and thank you so much for visiting today my blog.


Art Journal pages

Wenn das Laub sich verfärbt, nimmt es der Wind: Wer nimmt die Liebe, die zu welken beginnt? Keiner sie mehr dem Froste entführt, der in...